Anyone else ventured just a teeny tiny bit too far from home?

So this whole situation makes me laugh a bit about how ridiculous it was.

I'm fairly new, still figuring things out but have just reached the bronze age and got myself a shiny new hat, sword and axe. For some reason on my seed tin is super common near my base but copper is pretty rare so took a while to get this awesome metal axe and the mythical FINE wood it can chop.

So I get me some fine fine wood. Build me a boat and go out sailing. I sailed far. Too far. I found the swamp biome and got out to have a little gander, only to be slaughtered by an angry green blob!

Now my axe is on the other side of the goddamn world and I can't build a new boat because that fine wood is too damn hard for my flint axe. I can't be bothered trying to make a new axe, I liked my old one!

I improvise and build a raft and set off to find my body.

This raft is sloooow. And it keeps getting damaged in storms (I didn't even know these were a thing!) but I keep landing at shore to repair, gather fruits and rest. This voyage takes 3 in game days!

I'm so close to my body now, I turn off YouTube and actually concentrate on the game. There's another storm but I'm not worried, I just repaired my raft.

Next thing I know there is a fucking sea monster! I had no idea these were a thing either. I threw a spear at it but that just seemed to piss it off. It proceeded to destroy my raft and then eat me. 😂😂

I have learned several things from this experience

  1. Leave your axe at home
  2. Rafts suck
  3. Sea monsters are a thing
  4. This game is awesome


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