Anyone interested in some Tarkov role playing?

Getting bored of just farming for cards?

Want to have fun by fucking with people instead of just killing them?

Want to have a reason to take out crazy gear instead of the meta shit?

I would like to offer people "Tarkov Missions"

This is going to be largely like a bowling league, instead of three games in a row, they would submit 3 raids a week either as a solo or as a team.

Rules for the game would be released during the week, so one mission players have the entire week to submit. Other missions only 12 hours. Every Sunday at X:00 EST there would be a mission.

Example missions could be:
X loadout – Hold crackhouse at 12:00-8:00 min's left in raid.
Get 3 kills with a 1911 that has an ergo >= X.
Get 3 kills with a found in raid weapon.

Let me know if this interests you.


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