Anyone jumping ship/trying out Orcs must die 3?

I don't usually like to post pessimistic stuff on this sub, but I know I'm not alone in being completely let down by the awful birthday llamas, and the subpar loot they bring. I've always really enjoyed this game, but I feel like I love the game for what it could be more than what it actually is. And with every patch it's becoming more and more clear that epic has no regard for the passionate STW fans who keep this community alive.

On to the post title, there's a game called Orcs Must Die, which previously released on stadia, and just came to PC and consoles. The game is very similar to STW in some ways, with the gameplay revolving around fighting hordes of enemies with guns, melee weapons, and of course, loads of traps. There's large scale battle missions which kind of remind me of SSDs. Ultimately, it doesn't feel like the kind of game you could spent as much time in compared to STW, but it's a fun time in co-op with friends.

Admittedly, when I first checked out STW, it was because it reminded me of the original Orcs Must Die, which I used to play late into the night on Xbox 360. Eventually I really took to STW and liked what it brought to the table and introduced to the shooter/tower defense genre.

If you're looking to take a break from STW, or just want to try a different game with similar feel, I recommend giving Orcs Must Die a try


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