Anyone seeing issues in Elite with Joy Sticks losing…”some” functionality in game?

Been seeing a really annoying and damn near detrimental issue in Elite as of late.

I have the Thrustmaster t.16000M FCS HOTAS.

Been working great for years, I will be playing the game and either after I dock at a station or complete a jump/exit SC all my joy stick functions are dead.

There is a index finger joy on the throttle…dead, but the wrest of the buttons and throttle works fine.

The actual joystick itself…dead but the rest of the buttons work fine.

I am able to check the Thrust master interface in windows and can see the inputs for all the joysticks are in fact registering fine leading me to believe it's Elite and not the hardware/software.

I have to quit Elite to the Desktop and restart it for the joysticks to function normal again and after an uncertain amount of time they stop working…again.


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