Anyone who’s bored, wanna help me out?

Mod Skin Dota 2

Hey, I remade a game mode called Definitely Not Dota 2.0 and just started recently developing for it again.

If anyone is bored out of their fucking mind and wants something to do. I could really use a new Icon for the game mode. The only requirement is a 1920×1080 Image that just embraces the essence of a fucking mess that this game mode is.

Below is the old image I threw together of random images I found on google way back in the day, so please dear god don't let me do that again.

I don't exactly have the funds to pay anyone for this, but I will happily credit your work both on the image itself and the description of the game mode with whatever social link you would like!

DM if you have any question, on Reddit or on discord at TheyCallMeKWAM#5023

Thanks, Everyone!



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