AP sucks

As far as im concerned all AP ammo should be removed and all armor above class 4 removed. Armor should simply increase time to kill on a flat rate. Meaning the higher armor class up to class 4 the more bullets you can take. Class 4 should be extremely difficult to find and shouldnt be purchasable, even for the God teir streamer guys. No money can buy it.

The playing field will be leveled and it will be a game based more on skill and tactical advantage rather than gear dependent. This game is no pay to win but it most certainly caters to those who have 200mill roubles. Over everything else. For example. If you have two guys running 9×19 smg the guys with more roubles will be running AP63 or the new 7n 9×19 ammo 50rnd mags and class 5 to 6 armor and helm. The guys with low roubles will run pay with pace 30rnd mags. They both shoot and aim center mass. Who do you think wins the fight. Now put the guy in class 5 or 6 into a class 3 and replace his god teir ammo woth pst keep the other guys exactly the same and now what you have is a level playing field. Where the guy in class 3 can only take a few more shots than the other. Yet with the right skill and planning the paca guy can still come out on top.

High teir armor and bullets ruin this game. Because then only the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. You shouldnt have to spend 1mil roubles to feel as though you stand a chance. 

changemymind #butyoucant

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ijg4eq/ap_sucks/

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