Apex Interstellar limitations

Ok, so we got a smattering of new details about Apex Interstellar recently:

  • You can summon a shuttle while on a planet a la Space Uber
  • There's a separate fee for Supercruise vs Hyperspace
  • The UI showed two options when booking a shuttle: "local shuttle" and "long range shuttle" maybe this just determines which map loads (system or galaxy)?
  • The ride is in real-time and you sit in the multi-crew seats for the trip

So of course these details raise more questions:

  • How far can you take a shuttle? Can I go from the bubble to Colonia?
  • If you are riding in the shuttle and need to log out, what happens? Does the trip continue while you're away (delivering you to your destination) or does it start up when you log in as happens when you log out while in supercruise?
  • I'm assuming shuttles will be visible to other players. There's been discussion of whether a shuttle can be interdicted and the consensus seems to be that they cannot. If that is true, how does that work in the lore? Having Adders run around in supercruise that can't be interdicted seems like it would break immersion. If Apex Interstellar has anti-interdiction tech wouldn't everyone use it?

I'd love to hear any speculation the group has on these questions. o7

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/meme6p/apex_interstellar_limitations/

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