Arc Warden’s Shard seems great, but has only been bought 13 times this month

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13 times.

83% resistance with no other items, auras, etc, just two bubbles.

The slow aspect of it also stacks.

Why is this not bought more often? I didn't think it would stack like Flux does, but it does and it seems if you're against a magic heavy team where the evasion doesn't matter that much, you can just throw these bubbles down and have your team maneuverer into them to continue fighting, or to catch the enemy. I laughed at the pushback aspect of it, but 30% slow isn't insignificant either when you push them off of your teammate or yourself. Placing the bubbles properly you can push them around 500-600 units away from you.

I'm only at Ancient, and am learning the values of items, but do good Arc Warden players really not value this, and instead prefer to get their other items first? Pipe is stupidly expensive still this patch, and this offers more Magic resist to a whole team than a Pipe does to its holder.


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