Are 2-star Draugr Archers too hard?

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I came back to the game having not played since March/April, and while I like a lot of the changes that have been made in Hearth and Home, I find I'm dying a lot more in the Swamp than I used to, and almost always to 2-star Draugr archers. Unlike axe-wielding 2-star Draugr, you can't parry archers, so there's no "skill" you can employ to overcome their difficulty. Sure, if you're outside, you can get them to shoot at you while using a tree or rock as a cover, sneak out for a hit or two and retreat, but that only works when they're the only enemy you have to worry about, and if you're in a crypt, often they will pursue you round the cover, leaving you exposed. They can shoot straight through an un-upgraded banded shield, and don't stagger with a 3-hit combo with iron weaponry. Realistically, an archer should be useless at close quarters, but archers have a habit of being able to shoot you even when you're almost directly behind them.

I like that the game is challenging, but the way 2-star Draugr archers (and to a lesser extent, starred skeleton archers in the bronze and pre-bronze phases) are exponentially more difficult than anything else you have to face at that stage. Archers should be easier to stagger than melee enemies because in real life, a bow is going to lose to a sword or club at close range.


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