Are the quests actively working against us this wipe to “slow things down” ?

By this I mean when you activate a quest, does the game seek to put you in a lobby/ lobbies where you have the least chance of completing it? Examples I seem to have noticed.

Customs key was non-existent until I completed DFTP. Then it was popping up in every other coat and scav run I did.

Kill 15 scavs on customs…

6 raids walking about for 15 mins plus, no sniper scavs, no scavs at dorms… New gas empty, old gas empty. Killed number 15 and next raid is scav reunion.
Same on interchange…

Kill 7 usec…

Last 3 days, 20-30 player scav kills, some right off the start of the raid (within 3-5 minutes) . Countless scavs, 8 Bears… 2 Usec.

Are we being purposely matched/ placed in lobbies where we have the bare minimum chance of completing certain quests as a way of slowing progression ??

Anyone else getting this feeling??


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