Are the Weekly Journey Quests this time around rather… Uninspired?

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Coming from someone whose done every Journey so far (all Premium too), I can't help but find this round of Weekly Journey Quests really, dare I say, lazy. When the first Journey hit with Geralt, there was a wide variety of things to do. Lock units, Play Cards with the Beast Category, Play 2 Traps, etc. It made you constantly go look at other factions and even try out some new decks.

Now every week it's "Win 1 Match/Finish 2 Matches, Play 40 Order Cards/Boost or Damage 40 Cards, Play 40 Bronze/Gold/Epic." I've been finding this rather frustrating and boring, to be honest. It feels like this entire weekly Journey has just been copy-pasted and thrown in without anything fun to consider. There used to be more variety and now I feel like that's been pushed to the side to "just play some cards". It's really become a bit of a letdown to see the weekly quests update with the same thing over and over.

Anyone else agree? Your thoughts?


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