Are there better alternatives to a Provision system?

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The move to a provision system made sense when the game wasn't as power crept, but now that 4p cards are pretty good, as bronze cards make or break the game at this point.

The Provision of a card is no longer equal card to card, and so we have a 12p Auberon which is a worse RNG ridden 11p Mamuna which actually gives you flexibility from the deck builder to the game itself. It's kind of a joke that Auberon, which should be a way powerful card, is in the state it is. As even if he becomes an engine, Mamuna can just play a Piggy or a Self Eater and do one better.

When no Legendary card is equal, does having provisions even make sense?

Back to the bronze argument. Some Legendary cards are meant to be able to generate infinite points if allowed to, hence when the bronze cards were mediocre, only good Legendary cards were must removals. Now that some Bronze cards can out value a bunch of Golds, they are thrown out first, with a message deal with us now and allow me to play my Golds or risk getting snowballed by Bronzes alone.

When Bronze cards are this good, 4p to 5p can carry R1 at times, leaving R3 highly draw dependent.

The game is moving towards a very streamlined state where everything is decided from the deck builder to RNG.

I really do like the idea of Eist Lippy decks, which run the risk of getting RNG bricked. But there's a lot of thinking using when to play what and how to draw and discard and swap cards to have the best hand. Not only that, but the deck has an actual soft cap on how many points it's can play as there's barely any engines but it isn't just a point slammy deck either as it requires proper thinking. It has some of the coolest ways to know that your leader will actually matter in R3 if you force yourself to a bad bleed too.

I think if we can make the game more about the decks and how leaders synergize with those decks and units like Symbiosis is with Nature cards or how PF allows you a moment of appropriate bloodthirst to make your deck's win condition work, it would open up a lot more strategy as opposed to let's boost this or damage that.

And there's a dream we see cool cards balanced using Adrenaline. I think the Witcher leader cards got some of the coolest abilities in the game, balanced pretty well with their Adrenaline as, wait for it, again they make you think if you should play this card earlier or later, rewarding prediction and strategy.

Gwent feels too open and while it can be fun, almost every deck starts to feel the same thing. We know when more specials are added Gord will be better. We know when bronzes are added Mamuna will be better. We know when more SY cards are added Drill will be better.

Mayne Gwent needs a sense of risk to it as right now every deck aside a few feel like the same match again and again, and losing really just comes down to deck building and draws.

But if we had some other system to balance the game, which Adrenaline really offered, we could see a healthier game.

I feel, even a system which requires a certain number of units on board or cards in deck would feel better as it requires really setup. SY feels different because of its Coins mechanic but every faction could see a change where it depends on the number of factors unique to itself.

For example, NR could revolve around deck boosts, ST could see more from hand boosts, and other similar factors.

I think printing strong, cool cards is okay, but it's not that fun after a week. We need a solid foundation for that strength which feels fair for everyone.


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