Are there many women of Valheim?

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My (45M) partner (41F) doesn't really play games. This morning she said that she wouldn't play Valheim because "it's for men", and when I said "I don't think that's true," she replied "everyone you know who plays it is male".

Now, while that's true, I think this fact is just an accident of my generation/social group. We have a private server and it's just that none of our friends who happen to be women, nor wives nor girlfriends, play. So I said "there are plenty of female gamers out there and I'm sure some of them play Valheim". But I also know areas of the gaming world can be toxic.

So what's the reality?

And in case it's necessary to say this up front, any misogynists can sling their hook.

Edit – for clarity:

  • I ask because I'm trying to get my gf interested in playing
  • I only had doubts b/c I've mainly seen male characters in screenies (but I understand that playing male characters can be camouflage from toxic types)
  • also one of our D&D crew (32F) is an avid gamer but doesn't play Valheim
  • thanks to all who responded!


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