Are there meta pump shotgun builds?

I for one really like a good pump action in a video game from full length combat shotguns to compact personal boomsticks.

However in Tarkov, Pump Shotguns have been notoriously some of the worst weapons, the likes of the MR-133 having nicknames as the RNG cannon as an example due in part to it having THE worst accuracy rating. This has mainly been due to the poor effectiveness of the ammunition against armor and the slow fire rate of a pump gun over the semi-auto 153 and Saiga-12.

But now we have a wide assortment of ammunition types some make it viable even in the late game but even more so many of the rounds available actually improve stats such as Accuracy and recoil.

My question is, what are (if any) some of the best pump-action shotgun builds that have actually worked for you in Tarkov?

Bonus Internet points if you actually have a build thats makes the MR-133 viable.


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