Are these NPC mission in-game or did I found something?

I just came across something that makes me wonder if that's still in the game or not.
I have marked the post as a spoiler just in case.

Survivor Out Of Juice

Survivor Out Of Juice – Intro:
"Hey there!"
"You're here to rescue me?!"
"That's so great!!"
"My machine isn't working yet. But I'm nearly there."
"It just needs power. Luckily it runs on BluGlo."
"I need 2 BluGlo to power the device."

Survivor Out Of Juice – NeedBluGlo1:
"This is the only thing I have left that's from before the storm."
"I can't leave until I get it working."

Survivor Out Of Juice – NeedBluGlo2:
"If only I had some BluGlo I think I could get it to work."

Survivor Out Of Juice – NeedBluGlo3:
"I'm so close to having it done!"

Survivor Out Of Juice – Final:
"I can't believe you found BluGlo!"
"Thank you so much!!"
"With this I'm sure I can get it working again."
"Thanks for everything!"
"See you around hero!"

Survivor Fort

SurvivorFort – Intro:
"Hello there!"
"Where did you come from?"
"You're here to rescue me!?"
"That's great news."
"But my friend Sam hasn't gotten here yet."
"They'll be here in a few days."
"Would you mind helping me build my Fort?"
"I know it's a lot to ask but I can't leave until I know Sam will have a safe place to stay."

SurvivorFort – OnTheMove:
"This looks better than I imagined!"
SurvivorFort – Outro:
"Thank you so much!"
"I'm sure Sam will be safe here until you or your friends come back this way!"
"Now I can rest easy knowing Sam has a safe place to stay."
"Thanks for everything you've done for me and my friend!"

SurvivorFort – Talk 1:
"This is where Sam and I played as children. "
"We'd always meet up here as kids."

SurvivorFort – Talk 2:
"I can design Forts pretty well."
"Building them on the other hand is not something I'm very good at."


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