Arm hitbox and why it needs to be fixed

I know this has been talked about for the last while but BSG still has neglect to fix this even though this has to be the worst possible bug in the game and devalues all pvp/pve combat right now. I know desync and reap ir butt shoving is still an issue but when I go back to back to back raids when I have 10+ hit counts on guys with no helmet and lvl 4 armor with 55a1/m62, there is a huge issue. Hackers have even been seen less and less in all maps including labs, now is the time to actually have amazing pvp fights but people eating bullets like they are deadpool.

I have 1400 raids this wipe n 2k+ the last 3 wipes and I have never seen the hitbox issue so bad, early this wipe it was the head hitbox being the size of the entire upper body and then all of a sudden the arms r bugged. I know the cantas sight bug is a thing but im not even talking about that even though it is even more exploiting the arm issue more. BSG needs to drop all content updates until the game is playable. They are doing great work with the current fixes coming in 0.12.8 but with the game being as BS as it is right now, the updates dont mean anything to me. Plus having another med is stupid but just my opinion.

Tldr; fix arm hitbox


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