Armor and late wipe

There is a TL,DR at the end of the post

In late wipe, as everyone knows, chads with godlike aim and god given skills are everywhere. And of course they are using the best ammo.

Well I am doing it myself, as I had 5mil saved and I just wanted to have fun. The thing is, I lack of godlike aim and god given skills.
My last three kits were the same; they consisted in a vss with sp-6 ammo, slick armor, fast mt/gallet with face shild and regular chad meds. All in interchange.

The first raid was fun; I managed to sneak onto a 4 juiced stack and kill 3 of them. Unfortunately, I got cought flanking and I got slapped in the face by the fourth one.

The second one, not so fun. I was checking some shots in oli when I saw two guys in my far right, too late though. Slapped in the face.

And then the third one, with 3 million roubles burnt, was the worst. I was sneaking onto some gunshots, I heard something, stood still for like 5 mins (with good cover and checking my surroundings ofc). Nothing. Moved forward to where the shots came from. Seconds later, I got slapped in the face from where I was sitting seconds before.

And my point is: are 700k roubles on armor worth spending? if Im gonna get onetapped in the head because every round being used in the raid just shreads through lvl 4 helmets, then I dont think so. Because how is a level 6 slick plate carrier useful when you get shot right between your eyeballs.

TL,DR: People is using the best ammo and a lot of em are pretty good and always aim for the head easily, so wearing armor seems useless.

So, having 2mil roubles; should I just buy a lvl 4 avs or sth like that to stop scavs? And what about helmets? Faceshild? Feels useful only against scavs. Ulach? I like it but I guess it will get easily shot through with the ammo people is rocking. Maybe not a helmet at all?

Is it even worth it to play late wipe as the pretty low/average player I am?

It is just so frustrsting, losing 700k worth on armor just because the guy has good ammo (and aim ofc)


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