As a New Player – This community has been awesome and the members are helpful

So I saw the thread about negativity and I wanted to post something counter to it. Because this community has been very nice and helpful to me. I feel safe posting questions in here, no matter how dumb.

To be clear, I'm a realist; I'm sure there is negativity somewhere. I just wanted to post that I personally have not experienced it. Maybe this just means the mods are doing a great job? IDK.

This letter is also a thank you post to everyone that has replied to my questions as well 🙂

Also this thread isn't trying to detract from the what the /u/greatsirius is saying. I just wanted to offer my perspective because I don't want anyone to feel defeated or attacked because they are part of this community. I don't want people to feel discouraged from being helpful because when I read that thread it made me feel that way. Since I check this subreddit multiple times per day I feel like I am part of that "Community". I'm sure that wasn't OPs intention but I just wanted to talk about my positive experiences to try to lift everyone's spirits because I feel like the world has enough negativity right now.

I went through a lot of my history here. My comments have either been met with silence, or a helpful reply. Nobody has ever said anything rude to me or anything like that. I can't even find any instances of my dumb questions being downvoted either. I can't even find instances of someone saying "The subreddit has a search feature" to me, which IMO isn't really toxic but just being rather dickish.

Here are examples of where stuff could have turned into a fight, people could have simply insulted or argued with me, and instead people were just met with a flat answer or nice answer.

Example 1:

Lets start out with what imo would have turned into a shit storm in most places. This is a great thread where the Danny is trying to help the OP who is new to the game. I questioned what Danny said and asked for a source. He could have told me "Find it yourself explicative or something like that. But he didn't and he actually apologized (unnecessarily imo) for using generalities and said he should have been more specific.

Example 2:

Me asking a dumb question about "Why do you have to grenade yourself when you are done skilling up". Anyone could have said "To end the raid you @#$ %$# brain. Instead it was just "don't have to waste time extracting" and everyone upvoted both the dumb question and my dumb reply.

Example 3:

This teens drawing. Not the most realistic rendition of Killa; but he obviously had fun doing it. I know there weren't a lot of comments or upvoted on this but I felt it was good to use it as an example. Since this drawing should be an obvious low hanging fruit for the "Toxic Community". But out of all the comments there was only one bad one, all of the others were either kind or just playful making fun of OP or the sub itself.

Example 4:

Out of ALL of the comments did I get one "Akshually what you are doing is super harmful/deceitful and you are a dumby dumb no knowing PC person" comment. Normally when I post any sort of tech advice or opinion in other subreddits I get lambasted with people attacking my knowledge and posting other theories. I even tried going into a Discord once and I was thrashed by a "Regular Member" so much that I stopped posting. I am the first person to back out of commenting when things turn negative or toxic because I just don't want to deal with it.

Instead I just got happy people and happy replies. My friends thought I was nuts for constantly replying when people could just find (Google) the information but I actually had a lot of fun. I felt like I helped so many people do something and hopefully made their game experience and over all PC experience maybe just a little bit better. So I continued to reply for close to two days.

To Summarize:

I know I always try to help out when I come here. I spent close to two days doing tech support for people who probably could have googled their answers. But if people were going to do google it they wouldn't just ask me. For some reason they didn't want too and I like to believe its because people don't have confidence in their ability to find the correct information.

That's what subreddits and forums are supposed to be for. To help provide people with accurate information from either fans or experienced people in that subject. To date I can't recall anyone telling me to "Google It" or "The Search Function exists for a reason". That IMO is one of the things that makes a good subreddit.

TLDR: I think the word "Toxic" gets thrown around too often and it doesn't apply to this community. I'm sure it has its flaws but I haven't seen it yet compared to my experiences in other communities, forums, discords, etc.

Fat/Chubby girls, big tits, and anime are great. I watch mostly anime subs, I think dubs are okay too. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


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