As Home and Hearth gets closer, what’s your food stockpile strategies?

Walheim - five bosses


With more and more information being reviled about the changes upcoming in Home and Hearth a few things are coming into focus

MEATS- Save wolfs for harvesting until after the patch. Boars maybe as well, still unclear if the generic meat will turn into boar meat. The icon suggest this, but it's not confirmed. Deer, well, you might be able to trap a few in a fence but you'll just have to hunt some on day 1.

PIES/BREAD- Cook it up before the patch. After the patch you'll have to do the additional step of baking it in the oven.

Other than these two things I've expanded my kitchen, have a section of crop to turn to onion and stockpile loads of raw food.

What's some other things you guys are strategizing to do?


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