As much as I love exploring in this game, there are a few little annoyances

1) Moons and ring systems don't cast shadows on their planet in Elite.

2) Black holes don't have a visible event horizon in the game, only lensing.

3) As cool as stars look close up in this game, that's not what you'd actually see. Every star (including red dwarves etc) would be blindingly bright close up, with insane amounts of bloom. Pics like these are incredibly dimmed down (imagine wearing extremely thick sunglasses), to the point that all other stars are so far dimmed that they're invisible and black.

4) A white dwarf wouldn't have jet cones.

I definitely enjoy the game's attention to detail though. The largest, most massive class V gas giants can be seen to glow slightly. Neutron stars and pulsars spin beautifully. Black holes don't have accretion disks and don't suck you in because accretion disks are incredibly rare and black holes don't actually do much sucking beyond the event horizon and immediate proximity. And I love how dark shadows can look on planets without atmospheres, due to no atmospheric diffusion. There's a lot in this game, and some details (such as black holes not having accretion disks) aren't even replicated in Space Engine!


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