As my journey is coming to an end

Yes I'm a noob. And I get rekt and all my stuff gets taken and soon I'm out of money. As my journey is coming to an end, I thought to write couple of things about this game.

I get it. I get the lure of realism, brutality. Experienced players totally dominating new players, it feels good when you are good, as you have earned it with your experience in the game/maps and gear. But for a gamer like me the experience was the opposite. I just lost money. I know have about 200k left of ingame money, and after that I think I just move on. But enough of that.

The realism! I loved Ghost Recon game if any of you remember it. Brutal, if you first see someone, he is dead. One burst. Scouting terrain, spotting enemies. I also like Squad, very realistic military shooter. But it's just a bit too squad based and slow paced to jump into every day, but I've had some of my best experiences with that game! I hoped Tarkov is that sweet spot game for me in a multiplayer setting. Instead I have shitty time with semi-auto weapons and most of the time I feel the game is unfair when it comes to noob vs experienced player gear. I really REALLY have surprise and aim well to win against an experienced player because he is not going to die fast against my lesser gun. Also random spray battles in close range seem – well – random, not sure if that is really an issue, feels like it. All the rest, I bet you guys know all the problems Tarkov has and people complain about.

Tarkov is really close! I would love to shoot 1-3 easy shots from my semi-auto gun without a crazy recoil to have a kill if I surprise someone, and feel good about it! You know. Now it's a bit crazy, I feel cheated when the enemy doesn't die. You can tell me about the helmets, armor and all that, but that's not the point. It. Just. Feels. Unfair. I remember game called World War 3 (steam) which has sick armor if you hit someone in the chest, but somehow that game still felt more fair.

Anyway, I like the things Tarkov tries to make realistic, like guns, ammo and stuff like that. But IMO for example Squad is more realistic and easier to play in terms of gameplay itself. Marry Squad's best bits with Tarkov, thank you. Bye. 🙂


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