As of the latest ping requirement change, I can no longer play the game at all.

As per title; reposted because automod is a dick and I flaired it wrong.

With the most recent change to lower the ping lock even further, I can no longer connect to the closest US East server being Miami; 4/5 raids will boot me out constantly at 180+ ping or so. My internet is great, way above average even, but the distance and infrastructure make it so my ping remains shit nonetheless.

"Just connect to a server close to you" might be the solution, no? Except, I live in the southmost region of Brazil; and the only other server available is in a nearby state. Now, this shouldn't be an issue, right? Except, half the time, this server barely works, or is congestioned to hell with other people in a similar situation. Hour long (no exageration) matching times if I'm lucky, or hell, if it even matches me and doesn't render me stuck in a permanent 'waiting for players' hell for another hour.

And if that goes by? The server instability is insane. Desync, constant server connection losses and other factors make it impossible to enjoy the game I've supported for two years now.

There's no conclusion. The servers are shit, the ping lock isn't really doing much and lowering it further is only fucking people over because some regions lack server structure. I doubt a refund is even possible, and even less likely are more servers being added to our region (which, had 3-4 of them, all of which were disabled without warning some time ago.)

There's no conclusion.



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