As someone who started playing 2 months before the latest wipe. The new player experience late wipe is really rough to the level of being off putting.

Delivery from the past? Okay sure let me swim through this sea of altyn-slick-mp7 users that rush towards the spawns (because for some reason even on a map as small as factory the spawns are fixed). low level armor? useless, my ammo? useless.

Defend yourself against a scav? you better get the fuck out of there because you've just alerted every turtle on the map and they're all b lining it in your direction for that sweet pizza.

This game is so different late wipe compared to early that I dare say that it is a very different game.

I don't know how this could be addressed or if the devs even see it as a problem.

I get that its a beta and the "finished game" will be completely different but come on… it's been in beta for 5-6 years? and we're probably looking at another potential 2-3 before 1.0. I want the game to succeed and have an enormous player base but what I feel like is one of the most important elements for a game to succeed (the new player experience) Tarkov lacks it.


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