As time passes, vampires are becoming weaker.

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I like playing vampires. Or used to, if I'm being accurate. Sure, I'll admit that historically they got some sweet buffs here and there. Still, I'd say that in a standard comparison with the majority of the lists that are both available and viable out there, vampires are a very niche archetype that can earn you both a good time and potentially victories kinda rarely.

I literally have no idea as to how Cdpr did absolutely nothing about vampires during Regis' journey. Like, it's a journey about vampires, even in the trailer it was showing off vampire lists (which matters little but still, advertisement kinda), yet we got no new vamp card, no reconsiderations about certain vamp bronzes that are kinda lowkey underpowered or not making sense (Alp still 3 points, fleders being garkains, but with a lot of vitality, nekurats on 3 points etc).

Like, personally I find it weird. That's all. To me, this seemed like a very good opportunity for the devs to tweak vamps and give us some juicy new cards that synergize with the archetype. Instead, vamps are still to this day a niche, almost meme-like tier list which needs to leech certain help from other MO archetypes just to be barely viable.

I really don't know about how nobody has mentioned that so far. But I still have hope(s) that in the end, the archetype which I like so much will finally get some proper attention and it will be at the very least, viable.


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