As Unpleasant as thr Swamps are…

Someone posted a few days ago about how unpleasant the swamp biome is. Speaking about how dark/foggy it is, and how the wet status and "diseade" ambience brings that awful (but good) immersion to it.

But have you ever wandered through the Mistlands for more than, dunno, 10 minutes or so?

It's a dead land (i know its not developed yet). The trees seem dead and the life that was there lies dead on thr ground. Personally, I feel a whole different thing when somewhere is THAT desolated. Its crazy how my mood changees when I pass through that biome or near it on boat or feet.

On the contrary, you get that cozy loneliness when you build up on the deep north. There is no life there too, beside you and whatever you breed there.

But, its different, ya' know. It's far from morbid and depressing. Its just you and the cold winds, icicles and wind howling through the door.

What you guys experienced about that?


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