Asp X vs DBX vs Krait Phantom

Okay so I started this obsession… I mean game about two weeks ago. I broke my foot and have been stuck in one place and figured I have put off learning this game for a long time lol its just been sitting in my steam library for months because I was lazy. Well we're 68 hours into my journey. I've been grinding tourism missions with my Python so cash isn't really a worry. I currently own the Asp X and Krait Phantom just built for exploring as I didn't even realize there was a "bubble" and have spent probably 60 out of the 68 hours in the black wondering around. I am going to buy the DBX as well and build it out for exploring. I am just curious on what everybody loves about there favorite of the three as it seems like everyone has one or the other. Either way I'm really just obsessed with this game and want to chat about these ships. Any and all comments are welcome.

Ps. Sorry for the novel again I'm obsessed.


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