Assembling a play group

Play everyone, this idea I'm working so hard for I would love to share it with more people. I would like to have a streaming group together where we stream between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. I'm not sure what time it would be across the world between those times, however if this is something you're up to please message me and let me know or leave it. The coffee crew would love to work with you. There's only one person in the coffee crew unfortunately, I do stream Monday to Friday at 6 a.m. starting only because that's when I get home from work.

Like I said if it's something that you seem like you'd be interested in please let me know I need more people to play early in the morning and I would like to have something for people to watch while they get ready for work or school or even just get home from third shift. I do have a Discord setup I have essentially everything I need except for the extra people so I welcome you to come play with me.


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