Assigning specific points to certain mechanics to make balancing easier and reduce arbitrary point evaluation of cards

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

IMO, Gwent devs have a hard time balancing the game because they refuse to assign certain points to certain things in Gwent which leads to arbitrary point evaluation of cards.

Two things come to mind: thinning, and drawing. These two mechanics are the most obvious mechanics which have a wild variation of point evaluation. A card that thins or draw can either be worth x number of points depending on what happens.

To make matters worse, there are cards with RNG effects, which makes its point evaluation stuck in a range. For example, Cantarella can either exceed its provision value or not.

To me, it seems that, we can assign a point value to thinning and drawing, which will make these cards easier to evaluate point-wise.

Problem is, that point value would be exactly the same as the cards with RNG except their range would only encompass the minimum and maximum value of all cards in Gwent.

idk how to solve this. but for me personally, thinning and draw cards are worth more than their body + effect such that assigning 13p for Oneiro for example is bad point evaluation since Oneiro generates more than 13p for sure.

So to me, it seems that the bad state of balance in Gwent arises from poor point evaluation. Some cards are worth more than their provisions, some cards less. Everything boils down to point evaluation since the game is basically about which player can generate more points within 150 provisions.

Coins and carryover are another point of problematic point evaluation. I'm not even sure 1 coin is equal to 1 point specifically, but that's how I evaluate coins. Carryover I feel should be 2x its value. I'm not really sure. All I know is the devs need to do the math. I assume a card's potential value can be arrived at using statistics. I'm too dumb to figure out a formula, so I'm asking here if it's possible.


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