Assimilate vs Hyperthin and people’s thoughts on TLG meta snapshot

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I have two questions for people that connect to each other.

So what are people's thoughts, which of the nilfgaardian terrors is the stronger deck overall in the ladder? This question comes from the newest Team Leviathan Gaming snapshot where they rank Assimilate at 4,25 and Hyperthin at 4. Where I have felt like the hyperthin is stronger than the assimilate, especially since I haven't lost to the Assimilate version but the hyperthin has been more difficult, losing some and winning some. This can be due to deck choices but I have played multiple decks against it too.

So my second question is; how accurate do you think their meta snapshots are? Are they on point or maybe someone else is a bit more accurate and trust worthy?

As a closing note: I'm asking these because I need 4th faction to 25 wins to get my pro rank rating and I've landed at nilfgaard since I dislike syndicate a lot and NR has been very weak for ages.


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