Asteroid Ships and Comets: Still Missing from Elite.

With the resurrection of the previously long forgotten about Dredger-class ships (and the recent cool, creepy, foreshadowing, reintroduction to the Phagos Clan this Halloween:,, now being re-added into Elite, i recently began to wonder about all the other things missing from Elite. Particularly those we have seen once before (or in the case of Comets, strongly implied).

How many CMDRs today still remember the Collionson-Class Asteroid Ships:

Or Comets:

Or, to bring in a little bit of Mystery, The still unsolved and unsolvable, Alan Deefer case:
Or the Istanu Instillation: (likely connected with the Black Flight/Azimuth/Project Seraph mystery).

Think its time to remind Fdev about these issues? Considering they have been in a revisiting-remodeling-returning old mysteries/Ship-models/lost story treads?


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