At what point do you believe that you got “good” at Tarkov?

I currently have 150 hours in Tarkov and while I understand that a game like this has an absolutely massive learning curve that requires a ton of time, I feel like by now I would have at least improved somewhat. I rarely come into contact with PMCs to begin with and when I do I barely put up much of a fight, and against scavs it feels as if I’m either fighting a headless chicken or the Russian Terminator.

I guess what concerns me more though is hearing about people with considerably more hours than me in a similar state. The most time that I’ve ever put into a game is 800 hours, and the majority of that was at the height of quarantine. So I guess what I’m wondering is how long does it take for an average-ish player to feel somewhat confident about taking gun fights and playing in general, and if I’m just thinking or playing in a manner where I’m not improving as much as I should.


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