Attacked when visiting a Capital Ship near Mars in Sol.

The first time I visited the Farragut-Class Battlecruiser near Mars in Sol, I went really close even traversing in between the gaps of it trying to have closer look and amazed at the sheer size of these things.

On my second visit, a couple of federal security ships spawned in the instance and the usual military motivation chatter came on the comms. Not expecting anything out of the ordinary, I went close, as this time it was in sunlight so I could see it better. But suddenly, the security ships, started to attacked me. I didn't even have my hardpoints deployed.

I escaped with 40% hull and several modules damaged(I was on an ASPX explorer build)

One possible reason I could think of was during my second visit I was pledged to Li Yong-Rui. Other than this I have no other reasoning. Does pledging to another power can make enemy NPCs hostile towards you?

PS: I don't have any bounty on me either.


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