Attention CDPR: Royal Decree and Amnesty Cards need a Buff and Rebalancing

Yennefer's Journey

Hyperthin decks have been massively power crepted for the longest time. There are two changes that I think can help boost the deck back into relevancy.

1) Royal Decree needs a 1 provision buff from 10 -> 9 provisions to give more consistent access to Ciri Nova. I would say about half of my games, I don't draw Ciri Nova until round 3. At that point she's just a 8 for 9 and very disappointing when you've built your entire deck around her and don't have a reliable tutor. A Royal Decree provision buff helps us get consistent payoff for building an entire deck around Ciri Nova as well as added consistency overall.

2) Amnesty needs a rebalancing of: Seize an enemy unit with power 3 -> 4, remove conspiracy/devotion effect, provision 6 -> 7 and make card change from Bronze to Gold. Let's be honest no one runs Amnesty even with it's devotion effect. In it's current form, it's rather underwhelming. A lot of times you seize a worthless 3 or 2 power enemy unit. The only good pulls now are Madoc and the Flying Redonian. By increasing the ceiling to 4 power enemy units, cards like Crow Mother and Cerys become great targets.

What do you guys think?


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