Auto-Docking will work on Planetary Surfaces in Odyssey

Arf just pointed this out in today's community stream.

To elaborate more, this isn't just referring to Auto-docking at outposts and settlements, Auto-Dock (more appropriately Auto-Landing in this case) will search for a flat plot of land on a planet to land on.

For those out of the loop, there's a sort of 'meta' with using medium or small ships to land on planets since using a large ship is rather painful when trying to land on uneven planet surfaces. This is clearly evident when visiting certain Guardian sites, where if you're using an anaconda for example it takes a lot of time to find a landable clearing of the surface, Auto-Dock will now help solve this issue.

Imo, this goes a long way to make a very frequently mocked module actually useful even if you are good at docking at stations and prefer to do it manually.


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