Avoiding toxic behaviour and having fun from the game

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So, recently I have started paying attention to my mentality. It started shifting from positive to toxic, this, in my opinion, is caused by the toxic behaviour of other players. It is like a disease that affects more and more people.

There have been games after which I felt so tilted that I shouldn't have gone for the next match and just cool down a bit. This resulted in me flaming my teammates (I mostly play safelane) with the purpose to hurt them. Indeed I understood that what I was doing was wrong, but I just couldn't stop typing.

I tried to analyze why this happened to me and the ways to stop it.

Turns out the best way: is to turn the chat off (I only can receive messages from friends). How this affected my games and mentality? My mentality automatically switched from looking for my teammates' mistakes to focusing on my own game. This resulted in better laning, better decision making and therefore better win rate.

I stopped tilting in the first 5 minutes of the game when my offlane picks Pudge and the whole team proceeds to accuse him of all world's sins. I just don't care, and have fun from a good "sport".

Without the necessity of typing useless words in chat, I had plenty of time to think about itemization and timings. Instead of wasting energy and time to prove someone is wrong, I started actually having fun.

How about communication?

As I'm a Guardian rn I don't feel I need communication, as Pings and Chat Wheels still persist. However, I'm not sure about higher brackets.

How about chat fun?

Of course, if you will turn the chat off, you are going to miss those juicy punchlines from funny players but it happens once in 30 games, so you wont miss too much.

This is my personal experience, what do you think about this small "experiment"?

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