Back after a long time

Hey guys , I haven't played this game since early this wipe and just got back into it . I have to say that the optimisation at least for me is superb and the game still is incredibly fun . I really want to start grinding whenever I can play but there is a problem . I have transitioned from console to PC for about a year now . After nearly 11 years of playing on a controller I am pretty dogshit when it comes to aiming on mouse and keyboard . So , I figured that maybe going for a more sneaky approach would work out better for me . But there is always something that tells me to get involved in a fight that is happening near me . I dont really care about rubles and gear . I really just want to smack some pmcs and get my quests done . I am a pretty aggresive player instinctively but my aim is not good . So I dont really know how to change my playstyle to get more kills and of course more player loot . Any help?


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