Bad BSG Roadmap

So Ive come to a crossroad where im seeing similarities between two games that are suffering at the hands of the developers thats Escape From Tarkov and Star Citizen neither developer can commit or hold up to their roadmaps. Example bsg roadmap was first posted in may then revised in late june early july when quarantine was already in affect for 3 months so covids not the excuse for this blunder. With that being said about 80% of the roadmap is now false and no longer relevant on a time frame that they planned. Another Example they have been working on Streets of Tarkov since 2014 with a restart from scratch and 4 years later they announced it would be here in the 13.0 update well thats fallen through and it wont release until after 13.0 and after first quarter of 2021. Also BSG is not confident in themselves and what they can build thats why they constantly use terms soon and soonish and never give an exact time frame unless its within a week of the content and even then at times they mess that up frequently, as a result im starting to feel less and less confident about this game and developer. Transparency is key for success and they are as clear as frosted glass. They waste time and resources on fixes and reworks that at the time are pointless and not needed like the last update for instance they reworked the looks of gear aka bags and rigs etc. My question is why was that more important than balancing gunplay and network issues how long do people have to complain and beg for certain key issues to be fixed before they put broken stuff in the game. Its bs that i can play rust with 240 players on high settings with all the bases and monuments and AI and still get 150+fps and have better ping on a procedurally generated map shit is baffling to say the least.


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