Ban appealing is atrocious, has anyone gotten unbanned from a false positive?

Ive been playing Escape from Tarkov for a year now, with the latest launcher update my Antivirus (Comodo) Blocked the launcher which got me banned from a false positive. Im positive its the specific antivirus that is causing this because i have read that other people have had it happen too.

What am i supposed to do now? Keep sending pointless tickets to BSG where no one actually looks into it? Email Battleye which never responds?

Streamers have gotten banned but no worries, they get special treatment and get their case looked into immediately.

Am i supposed to just fork out another 100 bucks for Edge of Darkness?

The new event seems really fun but i cant even try it out, i was playing a hardcore playthrough and it would have been great to just screw around in the event. Oh well, if someone actually looks into my case this decade maybe they will have fixed their netcode issues.

Before you say "lol bye bye cheater" Even LVNDMARK has gotten banned from a false positive, i would not even try to fight the ban unless i knew it was a false positive since they could easily prove me wrong.

Sorry for the rant, i just really want to do some raids with the boys.


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