Banned for “Cheating”

Hello, I'm making this post to see if anyone else is having this issue.

To start off I'd like to say I haven't played Fortnite on my own device in over 3 years and just recently made a new account to play with some friends that insisted that I redownload it.

So in July of 2018 I was permanently banned on Fortnite and was unable to play for a long time. I tried making new accounts and I would be able to play maybe 1 game then get kicked on the second and never be able to play again. I just assumed I was hardware banned for using a glitch and gave up. Now, the reason I THOUGHT I was banned for was when I used a glitch that a tile was see through and I was able to shoot through it in Tilted Towers. This wasn't really a game breaking glitch like the under the map ones, it was in the basement of the building that was being rebuilt from being hit with the meteor and I was able to get killed from the sides.

Fast forward to August 5, 2021 and I redownload Fortnite on the same PC thinking the same outcome as last time is going to happen. Surprisingly I'm able to play. With this found out I go to log into my old account thinking I was unbanned without being told or something like that. I'm then hit with the message "Sorry, your Account is inactive and you may not log in." I then tried to change the password thinking it went inactive because of how long I hadn't logged in and the same message pops up. I then started a support ticket emailing Epic saying how I've been banned for 3 years and all that and explain what happened. Turns out I "ran a cheat program" which would be impossible since I only played on PS4 before my ban. After a few days of emailing I've gotten only one answer: "after careful review we are afraid we're not able to lift the ban from your account."

This may seem like I actually cheated or whatever and everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Even if you don't believe me or know any reasoning that I could've been banned please let me know

*My PC was linked to my PS4 acc even before the ban. I think it could've been a malware of some sort?

Thank you for reading and please share to help me get an answer.


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