Banned until 2038. @Valve – Can any Valve employer explain, please? I mention that I’m not smurfing/boosting

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I dont know if it has anything related to the new update (related to smurfing) – tho I don't think/consider this is smurfing or boosting.

Also, if this happened to any of you (from your experience) please do let me know. I just need to understand clearly what happened.

All can I say is in my defence is:

— I created a new account, from scratch (around 3-4 months ago). 100 hours. I calibrated it Divine 4 (with around 8500-9000 behavior). I dropped behavior score (to around 6500) and MMR (to around 4500) and I stopped using it as my main (mostly because of the behavior which is quite low and games are really hard to deal with – meaning 1 out of 3 games I get grieferes/ruiners/feeders etc). I still have it/I still play on this account sometimes. I confirm that I'm not sharing it with anyone.

— Since I dropped so much, as I said, I stopped using it as my main account and created a new one (exactly 2 days ago – 28/03/2021) in the hope that I will calibrate again Divine 4-5 with high behavior this time. -> This is the new account. I know for sure (I mean from experience) that the matchmaking system "sees" your in-game performance (GPM/XPM/KDA/Tower Damage/Hero Damage -> for cores and Assists/Wards/Dewards/Hero Healing/etc > for supports – individual match performance overall) and sets you/matches you in the bracket it "feels" you belong. ex: If you play 10 games like an Archon, yes, the system sees and it stars matching you with similar opponents. If you play 10 games like an Immortal, same thing happens.

That's how new accounts work/used to work (until the recent update). I'm 99% sure. System sees your real bracket. Anyone here on reddit with a new (100 hours account) calibrated between 10MMR-6000MMR can confirm.

This said, I got banned (on my new account – 11 games played) until 2038 – meaning forever, basically, in Windows/Valve time. My question is why? Please, someone who is in the same situation and knows what's happening, please help me understand.

These are the confirmation screenshots (all the games I played, total number of games, behavior score, etc.) ->

I know for sure that the maximum calibration MMR (for some time ago) it's 6000MMR. Before it was capped at 3.5K (Legend rank), but in the last 1-2 years they changed it to 6K (Immortal).

Also, I know that boosting/smurfing (as per the latest patch update) gets your account banned.

Needless to say, I am not boosting (meaning I don't play on other people's accounts/boosting other players). Also, for the smurfing part, I (personally) interpret it this way: Smurfing is when you play in a bracket lower than yours (ex: I am Immortal and I play on a Crusader account. My KDA/GPM/XMP/etc – all my in-game stats, game after game are way out of the bracket). As I mentioned, on new accounts (like the one that I just created and got banned) the matchmaking system "sees" your bracket and puts you against similar opponents (if you check each game individually, you will see opponents are mainly from the same skillbracket as me – Divine/Immortal). So the plan was to play 100 hours on this account, calibrate it as much as I can between Divine 4-Immortal with a huge behavior score (let's say 8.5K-9.5K behavior) and make it as my main account.

I mean, this is kinda contradictory, the max calibration MMR (for new accounts) is 6000MMR but in the same time the latest update punishes boosters (people that have good in-game stats in VHS ((Very High Skill)) games).

Please, If any of you knows a Valve employee user here on reddit, please @ him/her because I really need to understand what's happening. I feel this is some sort of system glitch/something not working right. Also, I can provide any kind of information they need related to both account (my main account and this new account I created).

PS: During the 100 hours calibration, all games are unranked (obviously) and my main pos is Midlane. Usually more players (high rank players) want to play midlane so we usually /roll. Highest gets the lane, lowest gets to support. Since /roll command is bugged now (and doesn't show anymore the value), we just /flip now. One of us chooses HEADS or TAILS and they flip and so on…

I remember that someone took mid from me (in one of the games – don't exactly recall which one) and they said something like (in the draft phase screen) "I will get your account banned until 2038) and I literally took it as a joke, because I know nobody can do to. I mean, all they can do is to use the new report feature (Report for boosting/smurfing) yet I am not doing this (in my opinion). So here I am.

Please, I really need an answer. I don't wanna go on my old (main) account at 4.5K MMR playing low quality games 🙂

Many thanks!


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