Banner glitch has been patched, Epic ruins another good thing!

Well just got word from my friend playing STW today that the banner glitch has been patched by Epic. I asked him if he was sure, and he told me that he tested the glitch multiple times in real missions and his endurance and it failed every time he tried it. Epic Games why out of all the freaking glitches and bugs you've got in this damn game to fix did you fix the ONE glitch that actually was helpful to the player base??? We've still got husks phasing through builds in DTB missions and in random regular missions in general, getting randomly booted from missions and endurance, husks damaging an objective through walls, etc. And those are just a few of the bugs that continually make it more difficult on us to complete our missions. But you decide to devote time, money, and effort in repairing a glitch that NOBODY ever complained of being harmful to the game? Once again you're proving to your players that you're about as hands off and disinterested in supporting the players that play your game as one can possibly be!


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