Banning players for the recent “Slave” situation was not the right call.

So i have not played ED since December last year and now i heard about this and looked it up, banning these players was not the right call because the so called "slaves" were not really slaves, there are so many options u could get out of these situations they were victims of their stupidity, i'm sorry but that's the truth.

How the hell could u turn into someones slave in this game if u do not do it yourself? u have the option to logout and go solo, the option to blow urself up, the option to simply say "fk off" ?

So what if they blew u up? it's not like they have chained u or anything, this is crazy especially new players where they have nothing of value heck nothing has value in this game.

Now i'm not saying what the players did was good but banning them from open and private then taking away their FC is basically just ban on their entire account and no one deserves this, i honestly laughed when i heard about this cause for once we had an EVE Online situation in ED where something is going on in the community, i hoped this will end with Pirates going in and rescue these players and not FDevs step in to ban players for actually creating content for their game.

What next? ban pirates cause they blew up new players?I'm more discouraged from coming back to this game honestly, i thought this may be my time to shine to jump back and do some rescue and combat but no FDevs have to ruin everything.

And if you are a new players reading this please know that you have SO many options to avoid players like these and if u do as they say it's on u.


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