Based on u/Mimobrok theory, i think i’m type 2 smurf. living a hell in ranked matches, and there is no way out!

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Type 2) Low Confidence → These are banished to smurf pool to play one another

i did not choose to be type 2 smurf, the thing is i have either extremely good performance or extremely bad, why? i explain:

since dota 1, i was in love with pudge . i have probably 10k matches as pudge overal in the past 14 years, so i kind of mastered the hero. a year ago, i was climbing mmr so fast by spamming pudge(reached 4900 mmr). i could have pudge 4 out of 5 games, basically who would click faster could pick it.

then system changed, i couldn't pick pudge anymore. my pudge pick rate dropped from 80% of games to only 5%, the hero being popular made it worse. then this thing overwolf showed up and i didnt know about it for a year, turns out overwolf would suggest enemies to ban pudge top priority ( as i checked it myself last week) i was freaking out i couldn't pick pudge anymore. so i had to play heroes out of my comfort zone.

so my mmr dropped and dropped more ( now im 1870), and when i could pick pudge i would show extreme good performances which i'm sured caused my account to be flagged as smurf type 2.

a lot of people already keep telling my "fucking smurf, etc etc" when i play good pudge matches, so im sure they report me too.

now here is the deal, im most of the games i cant pick pudge but i'm forced to play vs other smurfs while my team is normal and low skill, games are dramatically hard tbh.

Now what can i do?

create a new account? or play in hell for god knows how long!


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