Batllestate doesn’t care about RMT traders.

For those of you who don't know, if you want to see people who are currently RMT trading in tarkov you sort the flea market by the highest price and you'll see it's the people selling a gpu for 5 million, a tetriz for a million, guns for a million. It's not hard to see who's doing it. I report them as suspicious offers, one time I accidentally added one, the guy messaged me I apologized and said I hit the wrong button. He however was a streamer and asked me to join and drop a follow, so I join and scroll back in the vod and litterally catch him in the act of RMT trading. (He purchased 20 Million rubles) I message battlestate, send them a video I recorded of the guy doing it, they said they'd handle it. One month later, guy's still streaming tarkov, still has same account, huge amount of rubles. It was at this moment I realized, they don't care. If they cared this guy would have been banned, his account reset. But nothing. I no longer play tarkov, can't support a company that doesn't support it's community..


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