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Dear Valve,
What, if anything, is Valve doing or planning to do to make buyers of the compendium/battle pass whole?
The last 2 passes have been shorter than previous years, contained few opportunities to gain levels organically (no predictions, etc.), and haven't provided nearly as many spoils as all previous years. Are you aware of the massive discrepancy in value in the past 2 years compared to the previous years? Also, with no TI 10 last year, and who knows about this year, what are you doing with all the money we've dumped into your ecosystem to support our professional teams/players?

Personally, I am offended because I feel like I have been a loyal member of the Dota2 community for nearly a decade and that Valve has turned their back on me and other supporters of TI and the battle passes. I haven't seen anything posted on behalf of valve that takes any ownership for the massive decrease in battle pass value over previous years and I haven't seen any attempt to do right by the biggest supporters of your community. If I don't see any effort, I and my friends will have to find another community to put our hard-earned money into.


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