Battle state games wipe gifts

So this is just a discussion / question on the appreciation packages, some questions I have are we got 3+ over the course of last wipe some of them were due to bugs and patches that came out that were faulty and they fixed it and as a reward gifted guns, ammo etc. They ranged in a wide variation of loot. Ever day I would log on and check my messages and when I saw the package I was like a kid on Christmas. That is until this wipe… and this leads to my second question, this wipe has been buggy and more difficult then ever with the run through changes and find in raid market, these huge game overhauls were largely connected to the RMT problem which results in a more punishing form of tarkov for the normal players so why stop the appreciation packages when last wipe was a cake walk and this one is hell on earth also there has been a huge drop in frequency on the twitch drop events as well the first one we had dropped non find in raid items and after participating the entire week the best item I got was a fuze.

So to finish this off my question is why did they stop in the first place?

Ps. Love this game it being my second wipe and have had a blast so far, in no way is this post meant to sound like I’m begging just wondering what ever happened to these things.


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