BattleState support not answering tickets for to damn long

Greetings to all EFT folks on reddit, i just lost all hope for mine account to get restored at all, i'd appreciate if you guys can give me a bit of advice/feedback experience if anyone encounter same stuff as me, like month ago mine e-mail and ETF account got compromised and creditenals were changed, apparently i was able to recover the very mail of mine, so i thought well i'm good to go now. I tried to login onto EFT after resetting password bud constantly errors 'Invalid Username/Password' thing i was confused because i literally put new password couple of times after that on reset method via e-mail, i assuming that mine account is somehow flagged/shadowbanned for some certain thing? I wrote 2 letters to battlestate support 2 weeks ago but still didn't get single response from them, it's just hilarious and i can't beleive that mine ticket hasn't been checked up yet for 3 weeks now. If anyone had similar experience please let me know, because i'm slowly but surely losing all hope to recover the EFT EOD that i directly purchased and upgraded on site. Thanks a bunch guys!


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