Be nice to new players but are you really? – Opinion

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So guys just a quick post. The game needs new players that is for sure. I am sure we all know that. What I am struggling with are those messages from people from 4-5k+ brackets who say you need to be welcoming to new players because xyz. Well, most newcomers come to ranked around 2,5-3k MMR for some reason. I know it from my experience when I calibrated first at 2,8k MMR by only playing sniper no matter what role and sven with 4 BFs. So my point here is that people from 4-5k+ brackets get to preach about being nice to new people but by doing this they never lose anything considering the quality of their games because they never have to deal with the new players in their bracket.

So If you are so much concerned that people are mean to new players put money where your mouth is, buy 2k acc and play games only on that acc. There you have the biggest opportunity to be nice to newcomers and weed out those toxic to them. Of course, you would be there as a smurf so you have to play subpar to stay there. Then come back and tell me that your enthusiasm for helping new players is the same as before.

Some of us just want to have normal games without leavers, feeders, and noobs and enjoy a good match no matter if you win or lose.

For those who say people can play unranked where the outcome does not matter that much, yes you can but you missing the point which is the quality of the game, and of course, even if you are not calibrated you still have some kind of MMR estimate which applies in matchmaking.


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