Beat Valheim in 6 days

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It took 50 hours for my duo partner and I to beat the fifth boss. Man, the game was quite a breeze until that 5th boss but DAMN #5 is insanely hard. You can't just bow it like the previous 4. Died probably over 100 times and took around 2 hours but eventually learned the mechanics and beat it on our first try… you really don't need fire resistance mead, or even armor to beat the boss. You can definitely beat it naked with a sword. It's all about the mechanics, and that's such a cool concept. My emotions went from hopeless to thinking we might have a chance to hopeless again when we ran out of food and fire resistance, but it was one of the most satisfying boss fights and really made the game feel challenging after breezing through about 1 boss per day.

I have so many opinions about this game and things I want to say but I'll just leave it at that. Awesome game. And after coming to this sub and seeing all your crazy castles I just want to say that you all are psychotic and I'm all here for it.


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