Before the hoards of the people complaining about the chrome husks…

Recommended to bring:

  • Blizzard Blitzer with freeze 6th perks

  • Dragon weapons (The most identical choice)

  • Black Metal weapons perked to fire.

  • Art Deco weapons with fire element.

  • Playing Zenith along with snipers perked to either fire or water element. For better results, use snipers that have affliction perk and have high default crit rating.

  • Perk any of your weapons to fire element (it's going to be nature mutant storm season)

  • Using Bull Rush and/or Sir Lancelot to keep them away

  • Utilizing Tar Pits and Flame Grill traps for the trap-vulnerable chrome mini bosses

  • Re-Read everything again.

So basically, KILL IT WITH FIRE. Chrome husks also target players only. Use this to your advantage


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